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P2P lending platform CapitalStackers has been awarded full FCA authorisation, following a detailed assessment by the FCA.

CapitalStackers is a direct peer to peer lender, matching developers seeking finance with investors. The company aims to plug the funding gap between typical bank debt and the developer’s equity. Investors typically receive double digit returns up to 20%.

Steve Robson, Managing Director of CapitalStackers comments, “We have always had a strong commitment to compliance, abiding by strict codes of conduct and giving our investors total transparency on every deal. Becoming an FCA approved lender is a lengthy and rigorous process and gives investors that extra comfort – it is the icing on the cake. We understand that a number of other P2P lenders withdrew their applications when they realised what was involved, which makes our approval status even more significant.

“At CapitalStackers, we only arrange loans to experienced developers, many of whom have already raised part of the funding requirement through a major high street bank and gone through their independent due diligence process, as well as our own stringent checks. No investment is without risk, but ours are carefully assessed, managed, and transparent.

“Compared to pooled lending, the beauty of direct lending is that investors are fully in control of what level of risk and return they are comfortable with. They choose the deal, loan amount, layer and return and have access to detailed information on which to judge the risks. They like to invest in secured lending against bricks and mortar and the information we provide leaves no room for questions or doubt. They have everything they need to make an informed decision. This transparency and conduct is why our investors are re-investing again and again.”

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CapitalStackers is now inviting investors to participate in a prestigious development of eight highly desirable detached houses in a deal which is expected to yield up to 17% annualised returns with attractive LTV ratios. Click here to download a fact sheet.

The development is only a short walk from the 18th century market town of Malpas, Cheshire – a friendly village community within commuting distance of Chester and Wrexham, and close to the Ofsted outstanding Bishop Heber High School..

A number of listed buildings dotted around the immediate area (including the Grade 1 Church of Saint Oswald), lend the site a rare traditional charm. And since the developer has in-house design capability, each of the homes can be partially bespoke to the purchaser’s requirements which has sparked early interest from buyers with plots already being reserved off-plan.

The Gross Development Value of the scheme is £5.1m, with Royal Bank of Scotland providing the senior funding of £1.58m.

This leaves plenty of room for CapitalStackers investors in this triple layer deal, with target returns pegged at between 10.3% and 16.9% per annum over an anticipated investment term of 22 months and with corresponding Loan to Value ratios of 55% to 73%. CapitalStackers investors will be secured by second charge behind RBS on the development site supplemented by a first charge on some additional property.plot-3-drawings

The development will naturally appeal to a broad spectrum of investors, from conservatively positioned pension funds to those with a higher risk-and-reward appetite, so early involvement is recommended. The minimum investment is £5,000.

For more details, visit or watch the Orchard House Properties 3D Video here.

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This week we gave our investors a serious cause to celebrate when our residential development in York was completed two months ahead of schedule. Which means the shrewdness of all sixteen P2P investors paid off as they got their investment back within just 8 months and received returns of up to 22.5% per annum.

Foss Place

All the apartments at Foss Place, Foss Island Road in York had already been pre-sold during construction by developer Norstar Limited and the majority of investors, who lent between £5,000 and £1.73 million to the project, have re-invested into another CapitalStackers funded scheme, a residential conversion in the centre of Harrogate.

CapitalStackers’ offering is becoming increasingly popular with astute P2P investors –  the entire funding for Foss Place was completed in just 14 days from CapitalStackers’ engagement to the full loan being drawn down. The company now has in excess of 100 investors on its books and rising – and it’s easy to see why.

The idea is to plug the funding gap between typical bank debt and the developer’s equity – and it’s a win-win deal. Developers get access to the funding that dried up since the banks retrenched and it’s a great way for a wide range of investors to get involved with bigger commercial building projects, from housing to offices – schemes that would otherwise be out of the smaller investor’s reach (except through REITs or unit trusts, which would not allow them the same control over their investment).

CapitalStackers not only gives investors the choice of the development project they help fund but also lets them choose the risk level and associated return. Total financial transparency is maintained and typical returns are between 5% and 20% per annum paid out on completion of the project – usually around 12-24 months later. The minimum lend is just £5,000, and all loans are fully secured on the property being funded, with the extra benefit of high quality due diligence.

The Foss Place project is just another great example of the idea in action. CapitalStackers raised £2.25m loan monies to help Norstar Limited purchase and convert a disused office building into 6 studio and 18 one-bed apartments, with a predicted gross development value of £3.2 million and peak loan to value ratio of 76% including interest. On completion, the development sold out for £3.4m equating to an improved loan-to-value ratio of 71%.  The apartments were priced between £99,000 and £120,000.

Steve Robson of CapitalStackers comments, “We’re delighted to give our investors annualised returns of between 8.5% and 22.5% in just eight months, two months ahead of schedule. We arranged three layers of finance to Norstar: Layer 1 being £1.75m of senior debt; Layer 2 provided £350,000; and Layer 3 a further £150,000, at returns of 8.5%, 15% and 22.5% per annum respectively”.

So for any investors looking for a more appealing investment opportunity, CapitalStackers has surely come of age. There are a number of exciting projects in the pipeline with similar attractive risk and reward profiles. The minimum investment is £5,000 and there’s no upper limit. So why not register now and give your funds a boost over the next 12-24 months?

Press enquiries: Cath Cookson, 07799 713941 or Simon Sinclair 07769 684843.

Find out more at or by calling Steve Robson on 07774 718947.

Investment through CapitalStackers involves lending to property developers and investors. Your capital is at risk. Investments through this and other peer to peer lending platforms are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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CapitalStackers – the P2P property development lending platform – has raised a £2.25m loan to fund the purchase and development of a 24-unit residential block in York.

The entire funding was completed in just 14 days from engagement to the full loan being raised, and the development by Norstar Limited is projected to have a Gross Development Value of £3.2m.  Investor returns are pegged at between 8.5% and 23% p.a.

Steve Robson of CapitalStackers commented:

“This is a huge milestone in our development and singles us out from the competition as being able to perform swiftly and professionally when circumstances dictate.  Working closely with our investors and professional advisers to deliver the whole package within an incredibly tight timescale is a fantastic achievement.”

CapitalStackers allows a wide range of investors to get involved with large commercial building projects, from housing to offices– schemes that would otherwise be out of their reach except through REITs or unit trusts. The idea is to plug the funding gap between typical bank debt and the developer’s equity. CapitalStackers invites P2P investors to take a stake at a risk and reward level they choose, with typical returns of between 5% and 20% p.a. on completion of the project, around 12-24 months later. With the minimum investment being just £5,000 fully secured on the property being funded and on the back of high quality due diligence, this is proving to be a very popular investment vehicle.

This is the latest in a string of new projects funded by CapitalStackers, who are currently inviting investment in an exciting new residential development in Birmingham. The loan sought is £1.9m and returns will be between 7.7% and 17.2% p.a. over a 15 month term.

The development address is: Foss Place, Foss Islands Road, York, YO31 7UJ.

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CapitalStackers, the exciting new peer-to-peer property lending platform, has lured senior industry figure Sylvia Bowden to join its ranks.

Originally an investment fund manager, then a chartered surveyor running York’s second largest practice, Sylvia rose to prominence after switching to the banking industry and spending more than a decade structuring bank debt for property investments and developments. Her robust, cashflow-led approach to risk assessment and risk management have been the hallmark of her deals and make her a perfect company fit.

CapitalStackers’ Managing Director, Steve Robson, said, “I’m delighted Sylvia is joining us. The appointment affirms CapitalStackers’ growing presence in property finance”.

Sylvia said her decision to join CapitalStackers was driven by “a desire to make a difference”.

“Real estate finance has been in the doldrums for too long and initiatives like CapitalStackers will be the catalyst to get the country building again.  I’m really looking forward to writing new deals” she said.

Nigel Bennett, Chairman, said, “This is another step forward for the company and its plans to improve the funding options for property borrowers and provide attractive secured returns for investors who lend to them. ”

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Hundreds of UK property developers with attractive products are crying out for investors to plug the gap left by the banking crisis.

Big deal, you say. But possibly too big.

The hefty sums needed to fund a new factory or office block are simply out of the reach of most investors unless you go through REITs or collectives. But then you lose control and the thrill of involvement.

So for most of us, the grim reality of investing in property is slogging away at small residential stuff, shops and industrial units – with the attendant headaches of borrowing from banks, PGs and management headaches – not to mention the equity risk.

But a new service launches this week that might give you a considerable leg up into the headier heights of property Nirvana.

It’s the brainchild of two experienced former North-West bank managers who specialised for decades in the property industry. It’s called CapitalStackers, and it’s a brilliant solution to the small investor’s dilemma.

Very often, banks will lend 55-65% towards the cost of a viable project, but no more. The developer will obviously have some equity of his own, so it just needs someone to plug the gap between the two.

Obviously, that in itself is too big a leap for most investors. But here’s the clever bit.

Simply put, CapitalStackers “stacks” private funding on top of bank lending in order to reach the level required to finance a property scheme – in other words, it actually works with active banks rather than pushing them out.

Investors can then choose where in the “stack” of finance they’d like to invest – picking their own level of risk and return, which management team they prefer, which projects they’d like to get involved with – and they can even spread their risk at different levels within the same project.

It typically brings in returns of between 5% and 20% – and one of its most attractive features is that the investment is secured against the underlying property assets being financed.

It’s certain to be of interest to people looking to invest through their pension funds at a sensible risk/reward ratio. In addition to the bank’s due diligence process to get the project off the ground in the first place, the CapitalStackers team perform comprehensive risk analysis and ongoing monitoring of your investment.

Which means investors benefit in the following ways: (a) the lending risk analysis process is doubled up; (b) phased funding of ongoing construction is more suited to a bank than individual investors whose cash goes in first and gets an immediate return; (c) senior debt gearing means you can use your cash to access more or larger deals; and, (d) cheaper senior debt enhances the return on your investment.

So for the investor seeking more attractive risk-weighted rewards, this could be the future of property investing.

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CapitalStackers – the hottest new concept in peer-to-peer lending – has added considerable weight to its board with the recruitment of new director Tony Goldrick.

The online platform specialises in property investment and development deals secured by commercial and residential real estate, so Tony’s considerable experience in both the banking and property sectors enhances the company’s powerful presence in this market.

After 30 years working for Royal Bank of Scotland, Tony spent the second half of his career in real estate finance – having established the bank’s first dedicated regional property lending team in Manchester in 1999. The success of the team led to expansion across the north of England, and at its height Tony and his team were managing more than £5.5bn of lending.

Tony is a well-known face in the real estate sector, with a wide range of contacts with developers, investors, property agents, banks, and other professionals.

Since leaving RBS in 2012, he has been advising a number of large regional property development and investment companies, and will continue in this role, complementing his involvement with CapitalStackers.

“This is an exciting addition to the board” said Steve Robson, CapitalStackers’ Managing Director.

“His experience and knowledge of real estate really complement our existing team and I look forward to working closely with Tony to push the business forward”.

As part of the pre-launch activities Steve Robson, Managing Director of CapitalStackers presented his new model at the highly successful Great British Private Investor Summit in London in March – unveiling an inventive template which augments traditional bank lending, allowing private and corporate investors to tailor their risk and return profile.

It’s likely to be a particularly attractive vehicle for investors, given that all loans are secured by commercial and residential real estate. The North West based firm has gained a lot of attention in this embryonic, but fast growing and dynamic sector.

CapitalStackers aims to be the first-choice destination for investors looking to finance property investments and development schemes. It’s the ideal platform for high net worth individuals or sophisticated investors with a minimum of £5,000 to invest, looking to achieve a better deal than the more traditional investment routes offer.

It is supported financially and professionally by Hallidays Ltd – a firm of accountants with an admirable reputation. CapitalStackers and Hallidays already have a successful track record in changing the world of property finance and information technology. In 1999 they set up pi-FRAME Ltd, a specialist software house which sells real estate lending risk analysis software to banks and property lending boutiques.

The CapitalStackers team have huge property lending experience and can introduce investors to well-structured and secured real estate lending deals, setting up relationships with experienced property entrepreneurs and giving attractive risk-weighted rewards.

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Steve Robson, Managing Director of CapitalStackers presented to a packed audience at the highly successful Great British Private Investor Summit in London yesterday, organised by Angel News. Some 250 high net worth and angel investors were in the audience listening to pitches from a range of crowdfunding and peer to peer lending platforms.

Following the event, Steve said:

“We are delighted with the response from investors to the business model and really encouraged by their level of interest in the platform.  The completion of two deals marks an important step for us and we now look forward to the formal launch to enable us to engage with the wider investment community.”

At a recent pre-launch event hosted by Hallidays LLP, CapitalStackers generated enough interest to complete its first two deals. The CapitalStackers business model seeks to engage with banks and allow investors to choose their preferred risk and return profile.  That, and the fact that all deals are secured by commercial and residential real estate, made the Stockport based firm stand out in this embryonic but fast growing and dynamic sector.

CapitalStackers and its website aim to be the destination of choice for investors looking to finance property investments and development schemes. These will be high net worth individuals or sophisticated investors with a minimum of £5,000 to invest and looking to achieve a better deal than through some of the more traditional investment routes.

It is supported financially and professionally by Hallidays LLP, a firm of accountants with an excellent reputation. This is not the first time these people have come together in the world of property finance and information technology. In 1999 they set up pi-FRAME Ltd, a small and specialised software house which sells real estate lending risk analysis software to banks and property lending boutiques.

At the recent pre-launch event, Steve Robson commented:

“Real estate lending has spent long enough in the doldrums. This initiative and others like it will go a long way to repairing the property finance market. Not only will real estate borrowers benefit from improved liquidity, so also will investors through achieving better returns. We are genuinely excited about the future.”

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